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Tourism and hospitality consulting and training

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Consulting Services

"Consulting: provide advices, support and assist customers in conducing their Business; ethical responsability for the content provided.
Once the consultant has understood the elements that the customer already has, his task consists in combining his competence, knowledge and professionalism and used them as an added value for the promotion of the development of Growth Strategies that will make the Business successful. Therefore, trust is presented as an important success factor in the relationship between the Client and the Consultant". Wikipedia.

This is exactly the description of what we are. Our Consulting Services consist on assisting our Clients in the creation of efficient solutions, and we put our name, hands and heart on it.

Below are some of the services we offer, but it's better to ask them what they think about us:
• Tourism Marketing Plans
• Feasibility Studies & Competitive Analysis
• Target Identification
• Market Analysis
• Budget Planning
• Revenue and Cost Analysis
• Strategic Repositioning
• Corporate Sales Strategy
• Revenue Management Plans
• Hotel Representation
• HR Selection and Training
• Social Media Marketing
• Business Organization