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Tourism and hospitality consulting and training

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Who We Are

We are a company full of heart and a lot of pragmatism, human value is the priority for us: the market and the Clients acknowledge that and know that it is an added value. This is the strength of Gp Studios!!

We are always looking for new talents: you are motivated, you're looking for an eclectic and full of satisfactions job, you're a Marketing professional, Sales, Rooms Division, Web, Food & Beverage or you are just entering the world of work, you are looking for a position in a company operating in the Tourism or Food & Beverage industry?
Send a copy of your European CV with photo to , we will carefully assess your application!

Giacomo Pini Leader and C.E.O of the Company

Giada Cirrincione Sales and Marketing

Stefania Corbelli Chief marketing officer

Luca Sconfienza Revenue and training

Giovanni Carobbi Food & Beverage Manager

Giacomo Pini

Giacomo has over twenty years of experience in the field of Tourism and Food & Beverage.
Born in 1972, he lives bouncing between Romagna - his native land and Gp Studios' headquarters -, Siena and San Francisco.
Giacomo and his staff offer consulting services to various companies, hotels, hotel chains and international holdings that include start-up maintenance, strategic marketing, staff training, and more generally all the launch and Commercial strategy.
He is a trainer with more than 12,000 classroom time. He carries out the Business all over Italy and works with Companies, Universities and Professional Higher Education Institutions.
In 2001, he founded Gp Studios a Company specializing in consultancy and training for International Tourism Marketing and Food& Beverage. The Company has developed activities globally.
Author of professional texts "Il nuovo Marketing del prodotto turistico" edited by Franco Angeli, "Il Marketing del Bed & Breakfast" edited by Agra Edizioni, "Il servizio d'eccellenza per gli operatori del fuori casa" edited by Seac Editore, of two collections of audiovisual material for distance education "In & Out consigli per la ristorazione", and "Management dei Pubblici Esercizi". He has also published a novel with Altromondo Editore, "Annoiati dal successo" defined by the publishing industry as a novel full of culinary colors.
Some medias who have mentioned Giacomo Pini: Millionaire, Guida Viaggi, Turismo d'Italia, Pianeta Hotel, Fuoricasa, Bar Giornale, TTG News, Meeting e Congressi, Il Resto del Carlino, la Voce, Il Corriere di Romagna, Radio Studio Delta, Rai 2, Rai 3, Nuovarete, Teleromagna.

Giada Cirrincione

Degree in Foreigh Language and Literature obtained at a very young age.
She gained significant professional experience abroad, and then, at the age of 24 she was already Sales Manager for an expanding hotel chain abroad, specializing in revenue Management even before the introduction of the topic in Italy.
She continued her education with experiences within a Tour Operator where she learned Business management techniques. In 2008 she started working at Gp Studios as sales manager for the Italian Hospitality Industry: she's in charge of strategic management, economic restructuring and market positioning. Those who know her well appreciate her honesty, accuracy, and determination to achieve results.
She's always travelling around Italy and Europe to follow the clients personally and the projects start-up, she is in fact Giacomo Pini's alter ego. He calls her his "professional half".

Stefania Corbelli

She is an authentic "Romagnola". Her accounting studies led her immediately into the world of work and everything that has to do with web environment.
She gained significant experience working for four years for a prestigious web agency where she worked as web designer, strategic control process, and where she also obtained a Specialization in computer programming.
She combined these technical skills with two more years of activity within hotels and this makes her the living example of the fact that theory must apply to good practice. She has great organizational and creative skills, she's very pragmatic and goal - oriented.
She is an important resource in Gp Studios, where she works as Chief marketing officer.
She also follows up the series of eBooks for hotels that Gp Studios recently completed.

Luca Sconfienza

Degree in political science and two Masters in Tourism.
He has accrued extensive experience abroad, both in Ireland and in the United States.
He is the technical director of a travel agency, works as tour guide, and has recently achieved the license for the management of cases dealing with damages for a ruined holiday.
With twelve years of experience at Gp Studios alongside Giacomo Pini, he has followed out and developed first the business/sales part for tourist facilities, taking care of both operational and commercial aspects, and the business positioning and promotion abroad.
His experience has also led him to specialises in the Pricing and Revenue area in Gp Studios. To date he almost entirely dedicates himself to that aera, in particular he focuses on the evolution of Revenue Management, its applications in different scenarios of the Hospitality and Tourism industry.
He has just finished a book on the subject entitled "il Revenue dell'ultima ora", available online in e-book format.

Giovanni Carobbi

Biotechnology degree, a master degree in hospitality and F&B , taster certificate (diploma),bar tender; his passion for the area of food and beverage management combined with his more classical training, make him a top level professional, pragmatic and effective in his work.
All of his experience has been operating on the field, starting from the basics of the profession, working first as a waiter and then as a bartender, later as a sommelier up to the manage of lounge bar and starts up; by this way he has been able to acquire a know how clearly trasversal.
The meeting with Gp Studios is the closure of a circle and the full start of his career to the world of consulting. His role in the company is specific on F&B, overseeing the team and managers training, cost analysis, economic performance; he oversaw the creation of a tool for the management of the sector, he is the person for Gp Studios on F&B starts up on the international markets.